Saturday, August 20, 2016


The topic(s) of this blog are important for everyone in this world. The issues declare how we have arrived in our present circumstances. This declares what it means to be Jewish and how this awareness eludes many people. A primary definition of Jewishness would be the people of God, as descended from our forefather Abraham. It might well go all the way back to Adam. Even the American Indians have ancient 2,000 year old writings in Hebrew, the native language has many Hebrew words. It does not take much to understand that all people share the same biology, there really is a brotherhood of man. The idea of being Jewish also connotates a swindler. Let us be part of those who work against being greedy. These days everybody lies.

The castle in the background of this page is one of my grandfather visited on the Rhine River in Germany. My grandfather showed me pictures explaining how it was originally part our family dynasty which included many castles. The castle was only a small portion of the Holy Roman Empire which linage also goes back to Caesar of Rome. It also started the Knights Templar and the Crusades. It is difficult to deny the Jewishness throughout and it does in fact lead to the Freemasons and then all the industrial bankers of this world. There is no lack of intrigue with all I have learned.

Should anyone be interested in further references or documentation on any point made in this blog please do not hesitate to ask me.