Monday, August 22, 2016

Industrial Banks

Every corporation or government is its own bank and all of them have a mass-murderous, suicidal-maniac mentality. At the city-state level, or what we see today as globalism, they proudly proclaim Masonic ties. Even small business is not outside their sphere. True Christians are not allowed any dealings with them, there is a good reason that Christ whipped the money changers out. Today money is not even money, the whole society is based upon mendacity and it only gets worse. Industrial bankers have intentionally created the downward spiraling globalism which is out of control. We do not need it. The best solution I know of is to live a simple old-fashioned village life as in times long past when no good neighbor bothered with money. It is truly a far simpler and helpful way to be without money. There would still be some problems as there is no utopia on this earth, but the evil extremes of today would disappear almost entirely if only we would return to simpler times. The checkerboard was a cloth placed over the early banker tables where they would plot out their dealings, placing people in check, or check mate. It is where the idea of checking accounts comes from along with the games of chess, etc. Any home, even the smallest one, should be looked upon as a bank in and of itself.

If we exist beyond our means only destruction awaits us.