Saturday, August 27, 2016

Types of Jewishness

There are many various types of Jewishness. There are spiritual and non-spiritual Jews. There are crypto-jews who try hide their identity completely, impersonating Christians or whatever. Then there are the intellectual Jews. Jews are from all people, Asian, Arabian, and from all other parts of the world. They have invaded practically every place so that the idea of Jewishness is totally mixed-up. There are the blonde-haired blue-eyed AshkeNazi known for their Aryan promiscuity and also the dark-haired polygamist Sephardic Jews. The variations are seemingly endless and with little distinction. So do not be surprised with regard to anything Jewish, it is practically everywhere and in everything. There is also the greedy, narcissistic, charlatan type of insinuating derogatory remark that seems to plague nearly every modern person. Sometimes the word Jew simply means only a character trait by which we might acknowledge somebody, we might call them Jewish. We ought not be too quick to deny our own Jewishness.